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Think water filters are the best way to get clean, tasty water? Not so fast! What if nature has an even better solution? 

Welcome to ãlkalife. We source our water straight from the heart of Australia’s Blue Mountains. The water naturally filters through rocks, filling up with helpful minerals along the way. This makes our water naturally alkaline, and it’s full of health benefits too! 

Join us as we explore this exciting journey of our water from nature to your glass. Also, we’ll provide you with facts about water filters. Ready to learn why ãlkalife might be a better option than water filters? Read along.

What are water filters?

A quick dive into water filters

Water filter systems are a common sight in many households, providing a steady stream of drinking water. They work on simple principles, trapping impurities while allowing water to pass through. But like the varieties of water, water filters come in a wide array of options, each with its own unique mode of operation and list of pros and cons.

The mechanism of water filters

Here’s how water filters work: They create a physical barrier that separates impurities from the water. Imagine them as the goalkeepers of your home water system, blocking undesirable elements while letting the water, the real goal, pass through. But some home water filter systems take it up a notch.

Consider reverse osmosis and distiller filters. They may remove bacteria, most residual chemicals, and even minerals in the water. However, they struggle with certain cases, like hydrogen sulphide in acidic water.

The many faces of water filters

From polypropylene and ceramic to activated carbon and distillers, there are many types of water filters for home use. Polypropylene and a ceramic type of water filter excel at capturing solid impurities. But water filter cartridges require regular replacements as the captured particles clog the filter over time.

Activated carbon filters for water could work well at removing specific chemicals like iron, manganese, and chlorine. They can also address the unpleasant tastes and odours that might lurk in your tap water. But remember, no filter is a silver bullet for all water problems.

Understanding water quality and the need for water filters

Is tap water safe for drinking?

Tap water in Australia is generally safe for drinking. Water utilities give it a chlorine bath to combat microorganisms and, often, a dash of fluoride for healthier teeth. Yet, sometimes unexpected developments like bacteria blooms can stir the waters.

But if you don’t want to get a sip of fluoride and chlorine every time you drink, our naturally alkaline water may be a better choice for you. ãlkalife is free of fluoride and other nasties, so you can stay confident with the way you hydrate.

Do I need water filters for clean drinking water?

The short answer? Not always. 

Treatments like those we mentioned above make tap water generally safe for consumption, making water filters optional.  

However, if you want to enhance the taste of tap water, you might consider water filters. But remember that they’re a bit high maintenance, needing regular replacement and upkeep. 

And not all filters are created equal. Even the best home water filter systems might give the cold shoulder to harmful microorganisms. So why not switch to an option that leaves you with the peace of mind you want, like ãlkalife?

Embracing healthful hydration

Are there alternatives to using water filters that I can try?

Absolutely! If you’re open to exploration, consider investing in naturally occurring alkaline water sources. Unlike many artificially processed options, naturally occurring alkaline water retains essential minerals, which contribute to its intrinsic health benefits and taste.

The difference between artificially alkaline and naturally alkaline water

Aren’t all alkaline waters created equal? As it turns out, there’s a noteworthy difference between artificially alkaline and naturally alkaline water. 

In fact, many water filters online or water filters for home use employ methods such as:

  • Remineralisation via reverse osmosis systems. This option uses fine filters and substances like activated carbon to strip the water of the minerals, chemicals, and particles naturally present in it. Once the water is neutral, a new balance (remineralisation) is created using minerals such as magnesium and calcium to produce alkaline water.

  • Electrolysis via ioniser systems. Some alkaline water filters, on the other hand, may use ionisers to separate two types of water: acidic and alkaline. During the electrolysis process, electricity is passed through the water, causing a chemical reaction. This process splits positive and negative ions in water to create alkaline water on one end and acidic water on the other.

Still, it’s impossible to recreate natural alkaline mineral water teeming with energy as you would find it at the source.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does naturally occurring alkaline water undergo water filters?

At ãlkalife, the answer is a resounding no. Our natural alkaline water is an unfiltered gift from the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. This untouched wilderness, free of artificial influences, boasts a lush underground limestone rock layer that acts as Mother Nature’s very own filter. 

Can you order naturally occurring alkaline water online?

Yes, you can! We deliver to most areas within metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, with free shipping in Sydney if minimum orders are met.

Are there other uses for naturally sourced alkaline water?

Absolutely! While ãlkalife’s naturally alkaline water is excellent for daily hydration, its potential reaches beyond the drinking glass, especially compared to water filters. With its unique pH levels, it’s also a brilliant ingredient for recipes requiring water, enhancing the overall taste and nutritional profile of your meals. 

The ãlkalife difference: naturally occurring alkaline water

Welcome to ãlkalife – your destination for naturally alkaline water

Our origin, the pristine Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, is the reason ãlkalife distinguishes itself from common bottled water or spring water brands. Forget about that tap water filter. Our water is nature’s own masterpiece, naturally filtered through limestone and quartz rocks. This pure process gifts ãlkalife with essential minerals, culminating in a drink that is both invigorating and packed with health benefits.

Our journey has been filled with discoveries and learning. From receiving questions like ‘What is alkaline water?’ and ‘Is alkaline water good for you?’ we now hear wonderful stories from our drinkers. 

Our loyal customers have reported experiencing alkaline water benefits such as reduced reflux, eased indigestion, and lessened gout symptoms, attributing these improvements to the consistent consumption of our naturally alkaline water. These stories not only validate our mission but also inspire us to continue delivering the best to our customers.

We’re excited to continue our journey, spreading the joy of natural alkalinity to more people, one bottle at a time. We invite you to join us in embracing the ãlkalife way – a way that combines taste, purity, and well-being in every sip. Enjoy ãlkalife – the gift of nature, bottled just for you.

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