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Filtering through the world of hydration, one can’t help but ponder, ‘Is tap water safe?’ or ‘Do I need a tap water filter?’ It’s like being in the wild, wild west of water – filled with options yet baffling. 

ãlkalife aims to navigate these murky waters. In a refreshing plot twist, we propose exploring beyond filters and bottled water, embracing the mineral-rich, high pH elixir of naturally alkaline water. So, let’s dive in and wade through the riveting journey from tap to truly transformative hydration.

Is tap water safe for drinking?

Here’s the bottom-line: your tap water, isn’t naturally pure. It’s a bit of a globe-trotter of where tap water comes from, journeying through lakes, dams, or rivers.

As it travels, it picks up different substances. Tap water undergoes treatment to ensure safety, and this process adds chemicals to ensure it is safe. There are also tap water filter systems available.

Tap water filters

The concept of water filters for home use

Imagine having a mini-water treatment plant right in your kitchen. That’s essentially what water filters for home use do. They’re designed to spruce up the taste of tap water and remove any nasty chemicals. But keep in mind that they demand regular maintenance and replacement, or else you can end up with worse quality water than you started with. So, before you go for a tap water filter system, it’s best to be informed of other convenient alternatives.

Are tap water filters effective?

Now onto the burning question: do tap water filters work? Let’s put it this way: it depends on the type of water filter being used and the contaminants it’s designed to remove. For example, some water filters can be pretty good at their job when it comes to reducing chemical contaminants. However, they might not be quite up to the task of eliminating a multitude of harmful chemicals known as PFAS (per and poly fluoroalkyl substances). They are a group of over 4000 chemicals found in consumer products such as fire retardants and your tap water could contain up to 0.07 micrograms per litre. An eight year US study showed exposure to the chemical cocktail was likely linked to six diseases including cancer. This was made famous by the Mark Ruffalo film Dark Waters.

Before you jump on the filtered water bandwagon, remember that not all filters are created equal. Make sure you understand what you’re getting and be ready for regular maintenance.

Is bottled water safer than filtered tap water?

You might also be wondering, ‘Is bottled water the better option over the best tap water filter systems?’ 

Tap water can be just as safe to drink as bottled water, given no recent calamities or bacterial breaches. Bottled waters are subject to strict quality control measures, but research has shown that they generally contain low concentrations of essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. 

So, filtered tap water or bottled water – which is best? Try mineral-rich, naturally occurring bottled water options like ãlkalife.

What is the safest way to filter tap water?

In the quest for the safest way to filter tap water, it’s a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure. Different water filter systems have varying levels of effectiveness. 

While some of the best tap water filters can do an impressive job of reducing chemical contaminants, a study suggested that more research is needed to evaluate the potential impacts on health after switching to filtered water. 

If you’re going for a sink tap water filter or any other drinking water filter, arm yourself with as much information as possible before making a decision. You can test your tap water to check for specific contaminants and know what filter might be suitable for your needs. On the other hand, you could skip the hassle and choose a natural, mineral-rich bottled water option like ãlkalife.

Alternatives to tap water filter

The concept of alkaline water and its pH

Remember those high school chemistry classes? If the word ‘alkalinity’ rings a bell, you’re halfway there. Alkaline water, simply put, has a pH level of over seven, making it less acidic than your typical tap water. 

But that’s not all – what’s special about alkaline water, particularly ãlkalife, is not just its pH level but also its rich mineral content. This water naturally contains a greater concentration of calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, and silica. It’s like drinking water with a nutritional boost!

How does naturally alkaline water compare to filtered water?

Now, how does naturally alkaline water like ãlkalife stack up against a tap water filter? Well, first of all, let’s set the stage. You might be thinking, ‘Isn’t the goal of a water filter on tap to produce, well, filtered water?’ Yes, but let’s get one thing straight: filtering water doesn’t necessarily make it alkaline.

Tap water filters are designed to remove impurities and improve the taste, not change the pH levels.

On the other hand, ãlkalife isn’t your everyday bottled water. Tucked away in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales, Australia, it’s naturally filtered by limestone and quartz rocks deep underground, giving it that unique, natural alkalinity and mineral-rich content. 

So next time you think about how to filter water, why not consider going beyond the tap and exploring a natural alternative like ãlkalife?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it necessary to invest in the best kitchen tap water filter?

Asking if you need the best kitchen tap water filter is like asking if you need a specific model of smartphone. Yes, it can remove some impurities. But the key question is: does it cater to all your hydration needs? Tap water filters do their job well, but they may not significantly alter the water’s pH levels or enrich it with essential minerals.

When it comes to alkaline water vs regular water from the tap, choose natural mineral-rich alkaline water.

Are artificially alkaline water as good as naturally occurring alkaline water?

This is where artificial alkaline water filter systems often fall short. They cannot recreate the symphony of minerals found in naturally alkaline water like ãlkalife. Plus, their pH levels can be extremely high and we are yet to understand its long term health effects. The best bottled water brands offer naturally occurring, mineral-rich alkaline water.

How do I switch from drinking filtered water on tap to ãlkalife?

Swapping from drinking filtered water on tap to ãlkalife is like trading a regular apple for a juicier, tastier, organic one. The taste and quality differences can be surprising. 

The first step is simple: try a bottle of ãlkalife at one of our many stockists. After that, it’s all about listening to your body and choosing what works best for your overall wellness. After all, hydration is not just about quenching thirst but nourishing your body too.

Quenching thirst the ãlkalife way

Starting its journey in 2002, ãlkalife aimed to elevate everyday hydration by offering high alkaline water. We’ve dedicated ourselves to exploring alkaline water benefits, inspired by testimonies from countless customers. 

Since then, our alkaline water, distinctive for its alkaline pH, has been celebrated for its health-promoting properties, giving a new perspective to the question, ‘Is alkaline water good for you?’ 

ãlkalife provides nature’s finest, ensuring wellness flows in every drop. Order ãlkalife today!

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