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Imagine a water droplet, born from pure rain, embarking on an underground journey through nature’s secrets. It weaves through rocky passages, acquires a wealth of minerals, and finally emerges as pristine spring water. In this article, you will learn more about nature’s elixir, spring water. 

Get ready to answer questions like, ‘What is spring water good for?’ and ‘Where is spring water from?’ 

You’ll even discover answers to ‘Why is spring water better?’ ‘Why is spring water good for you?’ and more. Ready to take the plunge? Here’s everything you need to know about spring water. 

About spring water 

What is spring water and how is it formed?

Spring water is freshwater that emerges naturally from the heart of the earth. It originates from rainwater or melted snow that seeps into the ground, passing through layers of rock and soil. 

And when the droplets reach the depths where the pressure’s just right, they spring to the surface. These springs are typically hidden away in diverse locations, from the towering heights of mountains to serene valleys. 

Spring water’s mineral content

The mineral content in your spring water bottle can differ based on its underground journey. Each spring has its own unique mineral mix; some types of spring water may feature limited amounts of trace minerals in their lineup. 

While it’s tempting to head to the nearest spring and fill up, remember that not all water is created equal. If you’re interested in a naturally occurring, mineral-rich hydration experience, read on below. 

Spring water and other waters: a comparison

Spring water and filtered water

Let’s chat about filtered water. This is water that’s been scrubbed clean of contaminants and harmful chemicals. But while distillation, deionisation, or reverse osmosis remove harmful substances from filtered water, they may also send away some beneficial minerals naturally present in water.

Aussie natural spring water is usually captured at the source and bottled after a simple filtering process. 

Spring water and mineral-rich alkaline water

The main difference between alkaline water and regular spring water is their pH levels. For alkaline water, its alkaline pH levels are over seven. In chemistry, pH levels of seven indicate a neutral state. If water has a pH level below seven, it’s acidic; if it’s over seven, it’s alkaline.

Because alkaline water has a pH level of over seven, it is less acidic than spring water which typically has a pH level between 5 to 6. Alkaline water has regularly been studied to offer noticeable health benefits compared to spring water.

Naturally alkaline water also tends to be higher in mineral content compared to spring water. 

Picking sides: choosing the best type of water

When it comes to choosing the best bottled water brands for your needs, here are some factors to consider.

  • Source. Filtered water comes from your tap and is cleaned up for safe consumption. If ‘natural’ is your game, spring water and mineral-rich alkaline water are good options. 

  • Taste. Filtered water can be a tad plain, while some people have observed a bitter aftertaste in spring water. For a smooth, full-bodied taste, choose a natural mineral water. 

  • Usage. For medical or industrial uses, filtered water is a common choice. For drinking or cooking, mineral water is the preferred bottled water to drink because it is safe and healthy.

  • Benefits. Filtered and spring water are generally acidic and low in mineral content, unlike alkaline mineral water.

  • Naturally alkaline mineral water: your hydration hero

    Ah, alkaline water. This underground superstar is not just another run-of-the-mill drinking water like filtered or spring water. Picture this: water, free from pesky pollutants, gushing forth from the earth’s aquifers. Let’s explore the benefits and uses of this natural thirst quencher.

    • Naturally alkaline mineral water is your one-stop-shop for staying hydrated, keeping your digestion on track, boosting energy levels, and even making your skin thank you.

    • For those who appreciate finer tastes, alkaline water's clean and refreshing flavour is a clear winner. Unlike spring water or regular water from the tap, alkaline mineral water will have superior taste because of its mineral-rich nature.

    • Unlike tap water or spring water, alkaline water contains higher amounts of natural calcium, which is essential for strong teeth and bones. 

    • Alkaline water may help neutralise pepsin. This is a critical chemical factor in acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

    So if you want an unparalleled hydration experience, choose mineral-rich alkaline water. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Is drinking spring water good for you?

    While natural spring water is a great hydration choice, it does not provide the same benefits as naturally alkaline mineral water. 

    Alkaline water is packed with minerals like calcium and magnesium that are good for your health. Hydration? Check. Improved digestion? Alkaline water says yes! 

    How is still water different from spring water?

    Simply put, still water is just water without any fizz, no carbonation, and no bubbles. Picture your tap water, your big containers of bottled alkaline water, and yep, you guessed it, spring water too. The difference among the types of still water boils down to their mineral content. For a health-boosting, mineral-rich option, choose naturally alkaline water. 

    Why does spring water taste different from normal tap water?

    Ever wondered why spring water and tap water have a distinct flavour? You’re not alone! It comes down to the total dissolved solids in the water and how it is treated. Spring water likes to pick up a few goodies while it’s on its journey from the heart of the Earth while tap water is treated with chemicals that can turn people off. 

    Waters that have the best taste have a total dissolved solids (TDS) count of between 250 and 500 milligrams per litre. Spring water contains a TDS of less than 250 milligrams per litre. This is a factor in the bitter aftertaste that people have observed when drinking bottled spring water.

    In contrast, our naturally alkaline water has a TDS of 304 milligrams per litre, which puts it in the sweet spot for the best taste in water. The judges at the International Taste Institute also agree, as ãlkalife was awarded three stars out of three for its superior taste.

    ãlkalife: naturally alkaline water for superior hydration and well-being

    In 2002, a visionary company called ãlkalife was born with the purpose of providing natural alkaline water for everyday consumption. Through our journey, we discovered a phenomenon that has profoundly impacted people’s health and well-being, thanks to the numerous alkaline water benefits.

    In the heart of the Blue Mountains area in New South Wales, Australia, ãlkalife sources its mineral-rich water. Surrounded by protected national parks, the water is naturally filtered through layers of limestone and quartz rocks deep beneath the earth’s surface. This filtration process is what makes ãlkalife’s water naturally alkaline, unlike other alkaline water brands that tend to be artificially processed. 

    But what is alkaline water? Essentially, it’s water that’s less acidic than regular tap water and spring water and is rich in natural minerals. When you’re wondering how to make alkaline water, it’s crucial to remember that ãlkalife’s process is entirely natural, gifted by nature, and not created in a factory.

    Is alkaline water good for you? For sure! Our bodies need to maintain a slightly alkaline pH balance to function optimally. As ãlkalife is naturally alkaline, it helps restore this balance in your body. Over the years, consumers have shared the positive effects of ãlkalife, including benefits for reflux, eczema, and joint pain. 

    The stories of health improvements and enhanced well-being have continued to flood in, reinforcing the power and potential of ãlkalife’s naturally alkaline water. If you’re wondering where to buy alkaline water, ãlkalife is available for those who want the best alkaline water and the benefits that it offers. 

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