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Imagine a beverage that does more than quench your thirst. With ãlkalife’s naturally alkaline mineral water, discover hydration that reaches deep within, replenishing your body’s lost electrolytes and maintaining your pH balance.

Let us introduce you to the centuries-old healing properties of alkaline mineral water. Read our comparison of still mineral water vs sparkling water and find out why our naturally occurring, electrolyte-rich water could be the superior hydration choice for you. 

Understanding the fundamentals

Mineral water: origin and unique traits

Before we dive into still mineral water vs sparkling water, we need to know what mineral water is. 

According to the Australasian Bottled Water Institute Model Code, mineral water must contain at least 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids. Additionally, it shouldn’t contain any added or artificial minerals. 

Mineral water is sourced from areas with rock formations, usually mountains, and it’s precisely because of this that it’s loaded with more minerals compared to alternatives such as spring water. As it flows over rocks, the water scoops up essential minerals from the earth – a nutrient-rich source straight from the lap of nature.

Sparkling water: essence and production

Welcome to the bubbly side of the water spectrum: sparkling water. Some might call it soda water or carbonated water, so if you’re wondering, ‘Can I use sparkling water instead of soda water?’ or ‘What’s the difference between soda water and sparkling water?’ they have very similar properties you can learn more about here.

Where is sparkling water from, though?  This lively libation is simply water with dissolved carbon dioxide gas added through pressure or natural geological processes. The outcome? That unique zestiness, courtesy of tiny, effervescent bubbles.

The wellness showdown: mineral vs. sparkling water

The health-boosting bounties of mineral water

Have you been wondering, ‘What does mineral water do?’ 

Well, quite a lot, actually. Let’s delve into why still mineral water is good for you. It hydrates and replenishes lost electrolytes, making it the MVP during a workout or sizzling summer day. 

According to research, drinking bicarbonate-rich mineral water can improve glycemic control, a game-changer in an era marked by a rise in diabetes. 

Another study shed light on how alkaline mineral water can be a great additional source of calcium. So next time you’re asked, ‘Is mineral water good for you?’ you’ll know the answer is a resounding yes.

The fizz factor

Some of the questions currently on your mind could be: what are the benefits of carbonated water, and is sparkling water good for you? No judgement here – we love a fun little drink too! 

Given that the sparkling water you consume has no added sugar, sparkling water brands trump regular or diet soft drinks in the hydration department. 

Need to ditch the sugary stuff but can’t let go of that fizz? Carbonated water can step in. However, it turns acidic in your mouth, lowering pH levels when it interacts with your saliva.

Remember your high school science classes? A pH below seven is acidic, and a pH above seven is alkaline. The low pH levels in artificially carbonated beverages can wear down your teeth and contribute to gum disease. The increased acidity in our body can also cause fatigue or lower our immune functions in the long run. 

That’s good to know when you’re deciding between still mineral water vs sparkling water.

Unleashing wellness with ãlkalife

In the mineral water vs sparkling water debate, still mineral water, particularly alkaline water, is an acid-neutralising champion. Life can throw us a curveball, and before we know it, we’re juggling busy schedules and fast-food meals, leading to acidity in our bodies. 

So, what is alkaline water? It is simply water with a pH above seven. Sourced from the pristine Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, ãlkalife is untouched, naturally occurring alkaline water. Thanks to an abundance of limestone rock in the untouched area where we source our water, it comes infused with health-boosting substances like calcium, bicarbonate, and silica.

So here’s a toast to better health and wellness with a glass of ãlkalife mineral water in hand! Who knew that the answer to why mineral water is good for you would lead us on such a fascinating journey?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between sparkling water and mineral water?

When it comes to mineral water vs sparkling water, the difference is simple. Sparkling water is primarily regular water that contains carbon dioxide, which provides its fizz. On the other hand, mineral water is naturally enriched with high mineral content, which gives it a distinctive smooth taste and health benefits. 

In a nutshell, still natural mineral water is your everyday hydration hero. Sparkling water, while fun, comes with carbonation that might leave you gassy and bloated. It also increases the acidity of your mouth and body. 

Is mineral water healthier than sparkling water?

We’ve unpacked how mineral water is made and why it’s good for you, and we’ve looked at whether sparkling water is beneficial. So, the million-dollar question: is sparkling water healthy compared to mineral water? 

In the mineral water vs sparkling water debate, still and naturally alkaline mineral water wins out. 

Why is mineral water good for you? That’s thanks to its natural electrolytes, pH-friendly nature, and abundance of health-boosting minerals (if they’re naturally alkaline like our water!).

When it comes to the best mineral waters, we believe ãlkalife plays in a league of its own. Our mineral water goes beyond basic hydration, providing a rich blend of minerals that caters to your well-being. 

Can I drink sparkling water every day instead of mineral water?

Not quite, folks! While we love a good kick, sparkling water isn’t a daily substitute for still mineral water. Why drink mineral water rather than sparkling? Sparkling water has a tendency to increase acidity in your mouth and body. On the other hand, still mineral water, especially alkaline water, is a great way to neutralise acid. 

Is alkaline water good for you every day? Absolutely. Our water is a natural powerhouse, untouched by heavy chemical filtering and with no added minerals or gimmicks. 

Journey to alkalinity: the ãlkalife story

Our venture into the world of natural mineral water began in 2002 in pursuit of bridging a gap in the market for everyday hydration. We discovered that our product’s healthful effects were due to its naturally alkaline mineral properties. 

Since ancient times, alkaline water benefits have been praised and well-noted. Now, fortified by our customers’ experiences and scientific research, we’re dedicated to sharing our extraordinary water with the world.

With ãlkalife, bid farewell to bloat and welcome superior absorption and taste. Our water leaves you feeling more hydrated and energetic, allowing you to do more of what you love. Your wellness journey with ãlkalife could be just a sip away.

We deliver pure, high-quality taste straight to your doorstep in most areas within metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. So place an order today and join our mailing list for some health tips, exclusive discounts, and more.

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