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Have you been comparing alkaline water vs regular water? Water is something you put in your body every hour and cannot live for three days without. And it’s only appropriate to be mindful of the type of water you consume daily. It may be true that you can get a glass of water just by opening your tap, but how sure are you that it’s safe and healthy?

ãlkalife aims to educate Aussies about the advantages of drinking alkaline water vs regular water from the tap. Ultimately, we make it easier for them to access naturally occurring alkaline water.

Read along to learn more about alkaline water and how you can enjoy its benefits with ãlkalife!

What are the benefits of alkaline water vs regular water?

People often search for terms like ‘alkaline water for acid reflux’ and ‘importance of alkaline water’ online. It’s safe to say that alkaline water benefits have piqued the interest of many. 

There are multiple methods to answer the question, ‘Is alkaline water good for you?’ but the best way is to compare it to regular water from the tap. 

Let’s first briefly answer the question, ‘What is alkaline water?’ since its definition brings about its advantages.

Water with a pH level over seven is referred to as ‘alkaline water’. In contrast to regular or tap water, which has a pH level of about seven, alkaline water has a pH of eight to nine. It may not seem like much of a gap, but it’s important to note that a difference of one point in pH has a tenfold impact.

Now you know the difference between alkaline water vs regular water from the tap. It’s time to identify the benefits of drinking alkaline water!

  • Promotes higher energy levels. Participants in a study were given naturally alkaline water that is rich in mineral content similar to ãlkalife. It shows that drinking alkaline water for even just a short three-day period can help with anaerobic performance. This means consuming alkaline water can make it easier for you to perform your daily activities.
  • Balances acidity levels and improves hydration. Participants in another study consumed naturally sourced alkaline water similar to ãlkalife. They showed significant increases in both blood and urine pH. This relates to improved hydration status. Even better, they also showed improved acid-base balance.

Drinking alkaline water vs regular water from the tap clearly shows how much better alkaline water is for our bodies. It goes without saying that there’s an overflowing amount of benefits found in a bottle of ãlkalife.

Aside from what we listed above, alkaline water can still have other advantages. It can help restore the body’s natural pH balance, improve energy levels, and increase antioxidants. 

ãlkalife’s mission is to let Australians enjoy these benefits. We do this by sourcing our naturally occurring, pristine water from the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales. Each bottle we deliver contains a balance of minerals and has a pH level perfectly crafted by Mother Nature!

Can you mix alkaline water with regular water?

Now that you know the benefits of drinking alkaline water vs regular water from the tap, can you mix both liquids? You may want to know how to make alkaline water at home and think mixing it with regular water will do the trick.

It’s best to know that you may not enjoy the benefits of drinking water with high pH levels if you mix it with tap or regular water. 

Drinking them separately may be the safest way to consume both types of water. Let’s say you’re switching from tap water to alkaline water and want to consume eight glasses daily. What you can do is start drinking a few glasses of alkaline water and drink separate glasses of regular water to complete the eight glasses. You can then increase your intake of alkaline water each day until you completely switch to it. Or, you can just switch your daily drinking water to ãlkalife from the start! There’s absolutely no harm!

Is alkaline water better than regular bottled water?

When we talked about the difference between alkaline water vs regular water from the tap, it became clear that alkaline is better. Similarly, regular bottled water has lower pH levels and does not provide the same benefits as mineral-rich alkaline water.

But there’s a more specific type of water that answers the question, ‘What drinking water is best?’ That is naturally alkaline water, and that’s what we offer at ãlkalife.

More brands resort to creating alkaline water via artificial methods. This is due to the rarity of naturally alkaline water. It’s important for consumers to know this and for brands to be transparent about where they source their water.

For instance, you may find numerous alkaline water filter solutions on the market. Remember that the majority of them have undergone remineralisation or electrolysis. Here’s a deeper look at these processes:

  • Remineralisation via reverse osmosis systems. This option uses fine filters and media to strip the water of the minerals, chemicals, and particles naturally present in water. Once the water is neutral, a new balance (remineralisation) is created using minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium to produce alkaline water.
  • Electrolysis via ioniser systems. This system separates two types of water: acidic and alkaline. During the electrolysis process, electricity is passed through the water, causing a chemical reaction. This process splits positive and negative ions in water to create alkaline water on one end and acidic water on the other.

These water filter solutions will never recreate a natural alkaline mineral water teeming with energy as you would find at the source. That being said, we’re proud to offer naturally alkaline, naturally occurring, and delicious water. 

What’s more, you do not only get to enjoy the natural alkaline pH you get from every bottle of ãlkalife. You’re also sure that every drop of our water is free from fluoride, which typical home water filters can’t remove.

It’s not enough to know the difference between alkaline water vs regular water. If you want to experience the benefits of naturally alkaline water today, contact us at ãlkalife. For over two decades, we have filled the gap in the Australian market by providing natural mineral water for everyday drinking.

With ãlkalife, you’re sure that every glass of our naturally alkaline water is safe and healthy for you because we’re certified by HACCP. We value convenience and can accept direct orders from our online store. We deliver to most areas within metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide generally between one and seven days.

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