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Discover the difference between high alkaline water and naturally alkaline water. You don’t have to go through different websites and search for different terms.

From the taste and the health benefits all the way to how they’re sourced and processed, let’s dive in and see what the fuss is all about.

Unveiling the Mystery of High Alkaline Water

What is alkaline water? To put it simply, it’s water with a pH level above 7. High alkaline water can range from pH levels of 9 all the way up to 14.


But the question is, is alkaline water good for you? In the wellness sphere, it’s been touted for its enhanced hydration, especially post-workout, and neutralising excess acidity in the body. 


Distinguishing Naturally Alkaline Water from Artificially High Alkaline Water


Let’s talk about the difference between naturally alkaline and artificially alkaline water. Naturally alkaline water gets its alkalinity from its journey through streams and rocks. It’s untouched, pure, and safe, boasting a host of health benefits.


On the other hand, artificially alkaline water is processed via methods such as ionisation or electrolysis to bump up its pH level. It’s important to note that even the most expensive alkaline water filter systems cannot recreate naturally mineral-rich water like ãlkalife. It’s a good idea to proceed with caution. Because of technological issues or human error, alkaline pH levels do not tend to remain alkaline over time.


Decoding Alkaline Water


The Chemistry of Alkalinity


High alkaline water is primarily a result of minerals it absorbs, such as calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, turning it into ‘hard water.’ Alkaline water can come about naturally, when water filters through mineral-rich rocks and soil, or artificially, through a process called ionisation, which leverages electric current. 


Regular water generally has a pH of around 6 or 7, but the best alkaline water like ours has a pH level of 8, offering an abundant supply of key minerals needed for optimal body functioning.

ãlkalife’s Natural Alkalinity Magic

Compared to artificially processed high alkaline water, ãlkalife stands out thanks to the fact that our water is sourced naturally. Our method maintains the water’s alkalinity and smooth taste without resorting to electricity or other artificial means, unlike ionisation. 

Drinking ãlkalife not only contributes to an optimal pH balance but may also assist in combating conditions like acid reflux, promoting healthy skin, and more.

Maximising Health with ãlkalife’s Alkaline Water


pH Balance: The Alkaline Advantage


There are several benefits to drinking alkaline water, like alkalife. Regulating the body’s pH level? Check. Reducing cellular acidity? Yep, alkaline water got that covered.


But the cherry on top? High alkaline drinking water is said to pack a punch with its antioxidant properties, although drinking too much alkaline water might knock your digestive process off balance. So, it’s always best to chat with your healthcare professional before diving headfirst into the alkaline waters.


Electrolytes and Minerals: The Alkaline Replenishment


Who needs a fancy sports drink when you’ve got ãlkalife’s naturally alkaline water? It’s a great choice when you’re looking to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes, particularly after a sweat-drenched workout. 

Superior Hydration: The Alkaline Experience


Wondering how to make your hydration experience stand out? ãlkalife’s got you covered. It’s not just for quenching your thirst; it’s more. With mineral-rich hydration, your body is thank you with every sip.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What happens if water is too alkaline?


High alkaline water, like those with a pH level above 9, can be bitter. It can also lead to impaired digestion.


As for other parts of the body? It’s got things under control. Despite a drink’s pH level, your body is busy making adjustments, such as producing gastric juice like hydrochloric acid, to maintain a steady pH level in your stomach.


Can I drink alkaline water every day?


Absolutely! For centuries, our ancestors have been quenching their thirst with naturally alkaline water, like ãlkalife.


Just make sure you’re drinking enough every day. For most people, the ideal amount of water is around one and a half to two litres daily to keep them feeling balanced and refreshed.


What are the health benefits of drinking alkaline water?


Some studies hint that alkaline water, like your daily glass of ãlkalife, could lead to some nifty health benefits thanks to its high mineral content. These benefits may include restoring your body’s pH balance, promoting hydration, providing antioxidants, minimising oxidative damage, and more.


ãlkalife: The Source of Superior Hydration and Health

In 2002, ãlkalife embarked on a journey to offer a natural, superior form of hydration – alkaline mineral water. Unlike low-mineral water or filtered bottled water, alkaline water has remarkable health benefits. 


The discovery of our water’s healing properties came from our customers, who reported relief from conditions like gout, reflux, and eczema. These stories drove us to share the amazing alkaline water benefits with the world.


Our water is not created artificially but is a gift from nature, originating from the pristine Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. Deep underground, limestone and quartz rocks naturally filter and mineralise our water, resulting in an alkaline pH level.


There’s no need to look for high alkaline water. Make the switch to ãlkalife today!


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