Filtered Water vs Alkaline Water

Wed, Aug 09, 17

A question I often get asked is, “What is the difference between filtered water and alkaline water?” Now many of you know that all waters are not created equal. Every water has a different journey from the source to your body. I’ll show you how these differ between filtered water and natural alkaline water.


Filtered Water

Filtered water has become a daily part of life in many households. There’s a large variety of filters you can buy, most connect to the tap, others are in the form of pitchers and water bottles. Not all are equal and some are quite expensive.

The majority of people filter tap water from a public source, most of it coming from a dam and sometimes from a desalination plant. The water travels through miles and miles of metal pipes to get to your tap. If you’re familiar with Masaru Emoto’s work you can imagine the impact this has on the crystalline structure of your water. During this process the natural crystalline structure becomes disrupted. You can see an example of a water crystal from tap water below compared to a natural water crystal. Water that has been processed, polluted, distilled loses its natural crystal structure and is essentially “dead water”. You won’t eat dead food so why would you drink dead water?


Fluoride (a known neurotoxin) is added to your water supply to “prevent dental decay”. Don’t get me started on this! The problem is, most water filters do not filter all contaminates out of the water including fluoride. Furthermore, filters are the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms such as algae and mould so if they’re not changed regularly, your water could be worse than tap water. If you start off with a poor quality water supply, you’re going to end up with poor quality water.

Most importantly, the pH of filtered can vary from acid to weak alkaline. In order to effectively flush out toxins, you need to be drinking a water with a higher pH. A good pH level is around 8.0 as it is not too alkaline and not acidic. Any higher can be fine short term if you’re very acidic but I’ve found many customers have experienced detoxing effects (nausea, light headedness etc) drinking alkalife so I know it works. If the pH is too high (as in the case with ionisers) you could be creating more free radicals than you need and damage cells.


Natural Alkaline Water

Firstly, if you haven’t heard about alkaline water it’s a good idea to start here, otherwise carry on.

You can get alkaline water a few different ways for example naturally, made by machines (ionisers) or by adding minerals but I’ll just focus on the natural source for now. Natural alkaline water is difficult to find anywhere around the world and most will have a limited supply. This is because Mother Nature doesn’t just create alkaline water over night. It’s a slow process of depositing alkaline minerals from rocks that the water flows through over many years. Different rocks are made up of different minerals and depending on which type the water filters through has a large effect on its pH. Alkaline water is created by nature when it picks up alkaline minerals such as calcium carbonate from these rocks.

In the case of alkalife, it starts off deep below the Earth’s surface in underground limestone caverns far far away in a remote part of the Blue Mountains. The water is filtered through limestone and quartz rock formations over time and calcium and bicarbonate is infused naturally to give its high pH.


The most important benefit is that natural alkaline water is far more effective in neutralising acidic waste and flushing out toxins than filtered or any other type of water. Considering that your diet is probably on the acidic scale, this is crucial. Natural alkaline water is “alive”, full of energy and rich in alkaline minerals your body cries for. It’s not processed or polluted and therefore retains its original structure which improves absorption.  

Which will you choose?



About the Author 

Tom (AKA The Waterboy) is passionate about natural health and helping others improve their wellbeing by following a natural alkaline diet. He is the director of alkalife working with his brother John on a mission to educate the world on how to take control of their health without medication. He is also passionate about reducing his carbon footprint which flows onto a lot of business decisions too. His pet peeves are inconsiderate people, people that cut into your lane without indicating and ironing.

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