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You might have found yourself wondering, ‘What is alkaline water?’ and ‘Where to buy alkaline water?’ 

We’re here to help you understand alkaline water and clear up any misconceptions you may have heard. We’ll also give you the real scoop on alkaline water benefits. So, let’s dive in and satisfy your curiosity! 

The rise of alkaline water’s popularity

Yes, there’s a new trend splashing about – alkaline water! Aficionados are all praise for alkaline water’s alleged acid-neutralising abilities, hydration benefits, and disease-prevention potential. Despite its rising presence in grocery aisles and online carts and the increasing searches for terms like ‘where to buy alkaline water’, the alkaline water debate continues to flow among health buffs and experts. 

Read more to quench your curiosity on the matter and examine the science behind the alkaline water wave.

Understanding alkaline water

Did you know that water can be acidic or alkaline? The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The pH scale goes from zero (acidic) to fourteen (alkaline), with seven being right in the middle and considered neutral. Water that is above seven is considered alkaline water. 

The potential benefits of alkaline water

Improved hydration 

Is alkaline water good for you? In a study, participants were given water with a similar mineral content and pH as ãlkalife. People who drank alkaline mineral water instead of tap water had better health and even more endurance. 

Improved bone density 

Another study found that alkaline water boosted spine bone density in women with osteoporosis post-menopause. Drinking alkaline water, like alkaline diets, could help counter the negative effects of acidic diets and fend off osteoporosis. 

The making of alkaline water: natural vs. artificial processes

Nature’s way of making alkaline water

How is alkaline water made? Keep in mind when considering where to buy alkaline water that most brands of alkaline water use a process to make it alkaline, and only a few brands offer naturally occurring alkaline water.

Nature, being the generous entity it is, naturally brews alkaline water. How? Through a simple process called alkalisation. When water does its thing, flowing over rocks and seeping through soil, it picks up minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. This makes the water alkaline.

The artificial approach to alkaline water

Artificial processes for making alkaline water often involve adding minerals or other additives to elevate the water’s pH level. This could be through your fancy alkaline water machine that uses electrolysis. When electricity runs through the water, it triggers a chemical reaction that separates the positive ions from the negative ones in the water. This creates alkaline water and acidic water.

Natural over artificially alkaline water

Natural alkaline water, sourced directly from aquifers, has a higher pH level due to the minerals it naturally acquires. This is generally safe to drink, with potential health perks from its mineral content. Artificially processed options, however, lack the minerals that provide these health benefits. 

Before you search ‘where to buy alkaline water online’ or ‘where to buy alkaline water near me’, do your homework and choose a reputable brand that sources its water naturally. 

Finding quality alkaline water: a buyer’s guide

Offline vs. online: where to buy alkaline water?

When it comes to where to buy alkaline water, you’ve got two options: either pop into one of ãlkalife’s many stockists or get comfy and click away online. In-person, you get to physically see what you’re buying, while online, you get a sea of alkaline water brands, pricing options, and those oh-so-handy customer reviews.

Just keep this in mind – not all alkaline water is equal. Remember our chat about natural and artificial types? Choose a brand that’s clear about where its water comes from. Like ãlkalife – we get the best alkaline water straight from the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales, Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is store-bought alkaline water okay to drink every day?

Absolutely! Drinking store-bought alkaline water every day is generally safe. Even though it has a different pH compared to regular water, your body is a pro at keeping things balanced as long as it’s not too high. It constantly adjusts to maintain a state of stability, or as the science buffs call it, ‘homeostasis’. 

So, as of now, there’s no evidence of harmful side effects from the daily consumption of alkaline water. In fact, many customers have reported benefits from drinking alkaline water daily. 

How can I make alkaline water at home safely?

Interested in knowing how to make alkaline water rather than deciding where to buy alkaline water? Some people use an alkaline water ioniser or alkaline water filter to increase the water’s alkalinity. However, keep in mind that homemade versions may not provide the same benefits as naturally alkaline water because you can’t perfectly mimic nature’s process at home. 

It’s important to note that even expensive alkaline water filter systems can’t recreate naturally mineral-rich water like ãlkalife. The alkaline levels may not stay alkaline over time and may fluctuate.

Therefore, it might be better to opt for brands like ãlkalife, known for offering naturally alkaline water, rather than figure out how to make alkaline water at home by yourself. 

Is bottled alkaline water just as healthy as regular water?

Drinking water is important for staying hydrated and healthy. So, why is alkaline water better for you? An alkaline mineral water bottle can give you an extra boost, especially if you eat a lot of processed or sugary foods. 

Eating certain foods can cause acid build-up in your body. This can weaken your immune system if it happens over time. So, when your body accumulates acid, alkaline water can come to the rescue by balancing your pH levels. It does this by neutralising the acid build-up. Basically, if you’re eating a lot of acidic foods, drinking alkaline water could be even better for you than regular bottled water.

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Established in 2002, ãlkalife is more than just another alkaline water company. As one of the pioneers of naturally alkaline water for everyday consumption in Australia, our story is filled with unexpected surprises and heartwarming tales of people’s lives transformed. Our customers reported a plethora of health benefits, ranging from relief from reflux and eczema to migraines.

We bottle our naturally alkaline water at its source, free from the influence of modern factories and artificial treatments. Protected by national parks, this pristine environment provides limestone and quartz rocks that naturally filter and infuse the water with beneficial minerals.

We’ve also simplified the process of ordering ãlkalife naturally alkaline water. You now have the convenience of placing your order online. With that, your search for where to buy alkaline water finally ends here – ãlkalife is here to hydrate and replenish you with every sip! 

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