Where to find Alkaline Water- Best Alkaline Bottled Water to Drink

alkalife Natural Alkaline Water
where to purchase alkaline water

alkalife is a naturally occurring pristine alkaline water bottled at the source in the Blue Mountains area of Australia. Surrounded by untouched wildlife, kangaroos and lush mountains in this area are so remote there is no electricity. This region is a part of World Heritage-listed site that is permanently protected and preserved meaning the source will also remain untouched and pure.

We pump our water from underground limestone caves that are deep below, the Earth’s surface. The water picks up valuable minerals as it is naturally filtered through the limestone in an area that is surrounded by wildlife and lush mountains, where electricity doesn’t exist and humans rarely tread.

We use the brilliance of nature to bring you our alkalife Natural Alkaline Water. We simply tap into a process that is so healthy for you and deliver it to you for an energised life.

Experience the benefits today!