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ãlkalife Family Size 15L Returnable Bottle

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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy ãlkalife and our 15L bottles are perfect to please your hip pocket. As our most economical option at $1.32 per litre, these bottles fit most dispensers and are perfect for the home or office. Our bottles are also BPA free.


Hear what our customers have to say..

“I am nearly 38 weeks pregnant and have REAL bad reflux. I drink some alkalife water and it goes away. My 2.5 year old now refuses any other water.” 

Toni Butylewicz. Glenmore Park NSW


Please note: Bottles are reused and must be returned to alkalife. 15L bottles remain the property of ãlkalife and any unreturned or damaged bottles will be charged a replacement fee of $15.00 each.