Where to Find Alkaline Bottled Water - Alkaline Sydney

The difficult thing for every consumer is the huge amount of information that is available promoting this or that type of water and it can be difficult to wade through all of it. Who has the time, to understand the best choice for your health?

With this in mind, we have put together a quick comparison so that you can see how alkaline water compares to other options and make an informed choice.

What about filtered water?

Firstly we need to tell you what filtered water is. When you filter water it is passed through a very fine strainer, activated carbon or some other membrane barrier, and not as some people think, purified water.

What you are left with is water that still has waste substances and bacteria intact and whilst some things are removed by the filter you will never remove bacteria or viruses this way because organisms are microscopic. Unless you have a very very fine filter it’s near impossible to filter out every microorganism.

In actual fact, filters are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Yuck, not in my drinking water thanks!

The other big difference between filtered and alkalife Natural Alkaline Water is that filtered water contains none of the natural minerals that are abundant in our products and important for your day to day health.

How about distilled water?

Distilled water is water that has been boiled, evaporated and the vapour condensed. It’s free of any minerals and should be neutral in pH but is actually acidic. It’s great for a short detox but dangerous long term because it cause your body to lose vital minerals and electrolytes.

Why spring water is not a good option

The good thing about spring water is that it is clean and from a natural source. The downside is that is generally very acidic and has little or no mineral content. When you combine it with acidic food, the acidity level in your body rises and makes you more prone to illness.

To enjoy good health, your body needs sufficient levels of bicarbonate, calcium and silica. These are abundant in alkalife Natural Alkaline Water but are not very common in spring water.

The benefits of alkaline water

One of the most obvious benefits, but by far not the only one of alkaline water is its effectiveness in helping the body naturally detox by eliminating acidic waste. If treated correctly it does not contain the bacteria that you find in tap and rain water and has high levels of minerals that are essential for optimum health.

alkalife Natural Alkaline Water is brought to you from a natural source and is not contaminated through chemical or mechanical processes. Our water goes through rigorous, state of the art filtration technology to remove any trace of the bad, while keeping the good. No minerals or additives are added and we do not make it alkaline through man made means.




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