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We’ve always been passionate about using only what we need and recycling whatever we can. That’s why at alkalife, we go the extra mile to maintain sustainable practices in all aspects of our business . Here are some of our current measures.

Biodegradable stretch wrap

One way we reduce the our carbon footprint is by using stretch wrap that is biodegradable, and this we love.

Shrink wrap is a thin plastic that is wrapped around our cartons when they are transported on pallets. It's necessary to use this product to ensure that there is no dangerous movement of stock during transportation.

We were always concerned about the amount of waste that this generated but now that we have discovered a biodegradable version and this is all we use now.

Reusable bottle option

We know that there are also many of you that enjoy our products but not the plastic bottles that you feel have no practical use after they are empty. This is why we also have reusable bottles that directly address this issue.

Our family size 15 litre water bottles are ideal for the home or office. Once they are empty we collect, clean and sterilise them before we refill them. This ensures that we minimise our carbon footprint even further.

Experience the benefits today!