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Health is wealth, and many people are looking into alkaline water filter systems in the hopes of experiencing the benefits of alkaline water.

It’s completely understandable, given that everyone seeks convenience. However, most Australians don’t want to worry about where they can get this type of water, and an alkaline water filter may only complicate matters. In fact, many of us feel tired and fatigued after a long, productive day, which is why the benefits of alkaline water are so appealing in the first place.

This is where we, at ãlkalife, come in! We’re not just here to quench your thirst; we’re dedicated to making natural and refreshing alkaline water accessible to everyone. You can benefit from alkaline water whether you’re a hands-on parent concerned with your family’s well-being or a proactive individual concerned with maintaining your overall health.

Consider us at ãlkalife as we’re a proud 100% Australian-owned business that’s been filling the natural mineral water market gap for more than two decades now. 

How do alkaline water filters work? 

There are numerous alkaline water filter solutions on the market, but it’s important to remember that the majority of them work via remineralisation or electrolysis.

  • Remineralisation via reverse osmosis systems. This option uses fine filters and media like activated carbon to strip the water of the minerals, chemicals, and particles naturally present in water. Once the water is neutral, a new balance (remineralisation) is created using minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium to produce alkaline water.
  • Electrolysis via ioniser systems. Some alkaline water filters, on the other hand, may use ionisers to separate two types of water: acidic and alkaline. During the electrolysis process, electricity is passed through the water, causing a chemical reaction. This process splits positive and negative ions in water to create alkaline water on one end and acidic water on the other.

  • It’s worth noting that even the most expensive alkaline water filter systems cannot recreate naturally mineral-rich water such as ãlkalife. It is also best to proceed with caution. The alkaline pH levels tend not to remain alkaline over time and may fluctuate due to technological issues or human error.

    Is this all getting too complicated?

    Not to worry; rather than relying on water filters, you can opt for a consistent alternative at ãlkalife. You’ll be pleased to know that we sustainably source our alkaline water directly from an underground limestone aquifer in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia. 

    You have the opportunity to drink alkaline water the way our ancient ancestors did for centuries – even thousands of years. Say goodbye to artificially processed options, as the environment will be your filter. Have peace of mind knowing that our water flows through natural mineral deposits around the rocks, gaining alkalinity in the process.

    Try ãlkalife today! 

    Do I really need an alkaline water filter at home?

    According to studies, the answer to the question ‘Is alkaline water good for you?’ is a resounding ‘Yes!’ because it can boost your energy and provide a variety of other health benefits. However, due to the potential drawbacks of this system, purchasing an alkaline water filter for home use may not be necessary.

  • Time-consuming. When we decide to install an alkaline water filter, we must ensure that the filters are changed at regular intervals. Failure to do so will result in water quality that is worse than tap water.
  • High upfront costs. Even the best alkaline water filter isn't a one-time purchase. In addition to costly installation and setup fees, you may have to pay a significant amount for routine maintenance.
  • Water wastage. As mentioned, an alkaline water filter that uses electrolysis produces two types of water: acidic and alkaline. This means you'll have to find a use for the acidic water or, worse, dispose of it.

  • So, if you still want to reap all of the health benefits without having to buy and maintain an alkaline water filter, it’s time to consider an alternative.

    What is a good alternative to alkaline filters?

    Look no further, as ãlkalife is an excellent alternative to alkaline filters. When comparing ãlkalife’s alkaline water vs regular water from the tap that’s been filtered, you can expect healthy, mineral-rich water, strict quality standards, and easy ordering.

    You may be concerned about our environmental sustainability. However, you can rest assured that we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. As a result, we provide reusable 15L ãlkalife bottles. Our single-use cartons are even made of 45% recycled material, making them more environmentally friendly and protecting both the water and the bottles from sun exposure and potential damage.

    In addition, we take pride in having a highly regulated and HACCP-certified bottling facility. This means that each refreshing sip will provide the same soft, smooth taste you can rely on.

    Finally, you won’t be bothered every time you need a refill. Getting alkaline water from us is as simple as placing a recurring subscription order online (which includes free shipping in most areas of metropolitan Sydney) or purchasing from a nearby retailer.

    Stop looking for an alkaline water filter and consider ãlkalife as an alternative today!

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