Sue McCrory-Thomson

Re: Alkalife - Natural Alkaline Water I’m writing to thank you for distributing such an amazing product. My family and I have been happily drinking your Alkalife water now for over a month and I’m loving it and now wont drink anything else! I drink a fair bit of water each day anyway but had become very unhappy with the taste of some of the more popular brands and had found I was drinking less and less which disturbed me as I know how important it is to my general health. So I searched online for any alternatives and I found your product. I was happy to try it as it sounded like a superior product in relation to general health and wellbeing than all the other brands I’d tried. After I received the first delivery I got a Kinesiologist to muscle test whether it was any better for me than the other brands I had at work, and was actually surprised when my body tested positive to your brand and negative to all the others we muscle tested. I also learned the Kinesiologist changed to your brand of water after that session and has told me he has noticed his indigestion that he had for 2-3 weeks had stopped within a day or two of drinking your water. Can’t thank you enough for making this product available to keep us hydrated and healthy all at the same time. Kind regards Sue McCrory-Thomson Essential Choice massage & holistic therapies 90 Concord Rd (Cnr Princess Ave) North Strathfield NSW 2137