Natalie Smith

Dear Team, Thank you for your promotional support of Alkalife Water. It has been received well by our customers and they are grateful for showing them the difference between Acid and Alkaline water. Showing the test bottles in comparison to all other brands has really been an eye opener to myself, my team and my customers. In my store, I know display the different brands of water showing their acidity or alkalinity from using a pH test kit. Everyday people are converting to Alkalife Water. I first came across Alkalife Water and the Mind Body Spirit expo, it caught my attention by seeing all the different brands of water markedly yellow in colour and the sign “No, we did not urinate in these bottles!” I thought what experiment is going on here? As an allied health professional I was curious to know what was happening here. After talking to you I completely understood the science behind ingesting alkaline water for better health and wellbeing. I too now display the same experiment in store. Since putting the Alkalife Water into my store, customers have reported back with great results and I am now selling the 1.5litres by the box load. I am finding that people with aches and pains in their joints are finding relief, kids who don’t like drinking water are easily drinking Alkalife Water, the elderly find tap water too hard to drink are also finding Alkalife Water easily digest. Those who suffer reflux find it helps to keep their stomach acid low. I also have a customer whose Chiropractor/Kinesologist is recommending her to drink alkaline water. Once again thank you for helping me promote and educate my customers to improve their health and wellbeing. Regards, Natalie Smith Proprietor Go Vita Revesby Your Health Nutrition Centre 34 Selems Parade Revesby NSW 2212 Tel: (02) 9772 3420 Fax: (02) 9772 3420 Email: