Monique Peters

Wed, Aug 09, 17
I have been suffering with eczema since childhood but just before two Easters ago it took a turn for the worse. The only relief I could get was steroidal and every time I "stepped down" from them it would return with avengence. I tried everything I could to get rid of it, including reiki, counselling, colonic irrigation and chinese herbs, until at last I came across the acid/alkaline theory and thought I'd try a water high in alkaline. After one month, I found a little improvement, but after two months, I found great relief from it and shortly after began to 'step down' from the steroids which I have never needed to take again. That was about six months ago and now I can honestly say "eczema? what eczema?". As an added boost, my fingernails are the strongest they've been since my 20s. Thank you so much: I am forever grateful. Cheers, Monique Peters
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