Hello Tom

Wed, Aug 09, 17
Just following up from our phone call 12 Dec 2011 when you asked me for a testimonial. We met Stewart Burns (a really helpful guy) your Brisbane agent at Northey St markets and got talking about water. I have been a raw organic fooder / veg juicer and heaps of supplements for about 15 years but every 7 years approx for the past 30 years I would start losing energy, often through the hot summers, and usually just take more supplements, until 3 years ago in my late 50’s it became like a chronic fatigue situation. Eg: awaking feeling like a lead weight and totally wasted in the evening and struggling to cope through the day at work. If I did any full on exercise like cycling I would feel quite lethargic and a little bit ill the next day. ( I think this was caused by some of the toxicity getting released into the bloodstream.) Always feeling cranky and often annoyed at little things was the norm. After 3 years of spending a lot of money on occasional testing with doctors and naturopaths I found a naturopath in Sydney that specialises with detoxing Autistic, ADD / ADHD, Aspergers children (which always are totally contaminated with toxins and digestive problems.) After a hair analysis done in the USA I was found to be extremely contaminated with mercury, cadmium, copper, arsenic, lead (all major pre cursers to cancer)to the degree that the naturopath was amazed I was still getting around. My digestive system was barely working either. So I straight away got on his detox program and within a month began to feel heaps better, but still very average to my past youthful high energy levels. But after detoxing for about a year, I was still feeling tired on awakening and tired in the evening and certainly not super energetic through the day, like I used to be. Also I needed two double shot cappuccino’s in the morning to get me going and feel ok which would also make me feel very acidic / reflux. Then by Friday evening I would need a bottle of wine with dinner to calm me down, so by Saturday morning I would feel lousy again- more coffee!! Well when we bought some Alkalife from Stewart that morning and began drinking it on the way home, (after just having had 2 acidic dble shot cappuccino’s) within an hour I felt a change for the better, not worse as I usually did from the acidic side effects of coffee. More clear headed, less acidic / reflux, a feeling of peace, more energetic. I awaken fairly normal now also and nowhere near as tired in the evening, but particularly a feeling of natural wellbeing and clarity that I have sought after for years on our “natural diet” but it eluded me. We have been on rain / tank water filtered through a ½ micron ceramic filter for the past 4 years, before that I distilled our water for 10 years. Distilled water is highly acidic and also hungry lifeless water that is not accepted at cellular level. The research I have done over the past 2 weeks has shocked me. Tank water I now realise is one of the worst as it is full of bacteria, acidic, low / no oxygen, and basically highly contaminated ( from the atmosphere it falls through ) dead water. Our cells apparently shut off to this dead, hungry water and don’t hydrate and detox and remain in a more anaerobic state (without oxygen.) It appears that our cellular system goes into “drought mode” with acidic, low oxygen, high bacterial water (and fluoridated / chlorine water) and consequently do not hydrate / detox, hence all my toxicity. Only now do I realise how important and also what constitutes “Living Alkalised Water” is to our cellular system for healthy toxin free cells. Must say that it all came as a bit of a shock, as I thought I had it all correct with our organic raw food / juice lifestyle, and ½ micron filtered rain water. (IN fact, I actually thought that I was a bit of a health guru as I was doing most of the food / supplement thing OK, but I completely missed the most basic truth.. WATER!!! In all this past long journey of discovery, the biggest, fastest change has come about through the alkalife water. From the time I started drinking it I felt the change. Also I can still enjoy a coffee or occasional glass of wine and the alkaline water balances the ph levels again and no reflux / stomach pains. My partner Michelle has had similar but more minor problems, now she is sleeping and feeling better and has a more general feeling of well being, I am anticipating a healthy active toxin free 2012!!! (Will keep you posted of the continual changes as they seem to be taking place each day / week.)
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