Cathy G

It was suggested by a psoriosis & eczema specialist naturopath to try alkaline water and to also avoid acid foods. Over the next few weeks with having only 1 glass of water per day, my children 9 and 7 there was a noticeable difference! My attitude and manner was "calm". The only difference in our diet was the Alkalife Water! I am a firm believer that you are what you eat and now also what water you drink!! My daughter and I suffer from eczema and have changed our diets dramatically over the past 18 months but I believe that Alkalife Water was the tip of the iceberg that we were missing! Not only is our skin better our family life and relationships are much better i.e. patient and calm. I now look for the water and so do my children! Thank you Alkalife for showing me a new life!!! The house is much calmer. Cathy G. Blair Athol NSW