Barbara Brown

"I saw an advertisement for Alkalife water in the arthritis magazine and because I had suffered with gout, arthritis and lower back pain for 3 years or so, was intrigued. I rang the company to get more details. For an hour I asked questions and finally decided to purchase some Alkalife water and see for myself. I was taking gout tablets, anti-inflammatory tablets, Panadol and using various arthritis creams. Had to carry a letter from my doctor with me in case I needed to remove my shoes. Had also applied for a disability sticker for my car. In 3 years I had gone from being active to the stage where the next step was a walking frame. Pain and lack of mobility plagued me and had to have a pillow in my bed to put my feet on, just to get some sleep. Started drinking Alkalife water, full of hope, but not believing it would do anything for me. Drinking 3-4 glasses per day and 3 days later I was in full flight, didn't stop walking, forget about my feet and everything else, revelling in the fact that here I was after 3 years of not being mobile back to my own self (or so I thought) I "shopped till I dropped". Yes, I over did it all right and suffered the consequences I was so caught up in what I was doing, I didn't realise. Yes, I should have worked up to it. It is now 1 month later, pain free and with the help of my doctor off medication. Life has certainly began again, didn't think it would. Am not saying it will work the same for anyone else and don't want to build up hopes, all I can say is it has worked for me would recommend others try it for themselves as no 2 people are the same. But if it helps 1 person in 100 it is worth it. It certainly has my 100% approval. Am sure people really badly affected will benefit mildly, but not as much as I have, and I wouldn't wish to get their hopes up as this is a really crippling disease." Barbara Brown.