Alkalife for the relief in a bottle

Dear Sir, I come across Alkalife by pure accident, I am generally a fit person, but suffer from a Hiatus Hernia, miss diagnosed by doctors for many years. Started as a bad case Reflux, Because of the wrong diagnoses the condition became worst year by year. Today thanks to a online blog , I worked out what the problem was, had it verified by local specialists and now on medication.So the medication works well, I am one that does not like medication. This day I did not take my medication and suffering from the reflux, As mentioned I come across Alkalife by accident. I tried the Alkalife just to say I tried it, I thought Water is water, yes we should drink it, At worst it would quench the thirst I had. Within 15mins the discomfort eased off, I only had approx 250mls from the bottle. In the 3 weeks since coming across Alkalife I have forgot to take my medication on many occasions, Well if there is no discomfort I forget to take the medication. I advised my doctor of the reduction of the medication and he was pleased of the results. Please note, This is not a cure do not stop your medication without your doctors advise. Thanks Alkalife for the relief in a bottle. Regards Charlie Coleiro The Ert Group E: Ph: +61 488 115559 24/7 service I.T specialty applications Custom business applications and software