A M Jacob

Water has always been a 'must drink' but never as enjoyable as it was from rain filled tanks on the southern shores of Tasmania....God's water they called it! And the memory of such water will remain forever. So when I moved away from my beloved Tassie home inevitably I began to re search drinking waters ... spring, filtered, carbonated etc...Having suffered from duodenal ulcers once I realised the needed to drink regularly good quality drinking water. No sooner had the symptoms re appeared I began drinking lots and lots of newfound 'alkalife' water. Where some foods were quite re active I was spared the night time agony,my pre menopausal symptoms lessened to an extent as I do not need take any medications whatsoever, I've also stopped taking multivitamins and am finding my cravings for food aren't as pronounced,my skin and hair are radiant thanks to my natural heritage and suntan much easier than in a long while ...my skin isn't as dry as it was a year ago due to life cycle changes,all in all I feel more energy even though I am still eating and doing almost the same as before.A full blood test not long ago confirmed my feeling of wellness. This is no coincidence, Alkalife water is refreshingly unique and many who are offered this drink at my home find themselves drawn to it's taste...pure unadulterated naturally energised water! Cheers Alkalife. A M Jacob Altona Beach Victoria