What people are saying about alkalife

As Sports Scientist for the Sydney Roosters, I need to ensure our players are healthy and ready to perform at their best every week.

We’ve been ordering alkalife Natural Alkaline Water for our players this year because it's a vital part of optimising our performance and recovery.

The natural bicarbonate and alkalinity in alkalife can help neutralise the acidity that is built up during exercise, allowing our players to recover quicker and reduce feelings of fatigue.

Our players love the taste of alkalife Natural Alkaline Water and believe in its benefits.

We can't recommend it highly enough for active individuals or general wellbeing.

Kris Veugelers │ Sports Scientist
Sydney Roosters

I am nearly 38 weeks pregnant and have had really bad reflux. I drank some alkalife water and it went away. My 2.5 year old now refuses any other water.

Toni Butylewicz
Glenmore Park NSW

Ever since I have been drinking alkaline water, I feel refreshed, clean and healthy compared to when I drink tap or other water brands.

I recommend this water, as even most filters for our taps do not filter out all the fluoride. 


I am enjoying the great taste and healthy alternative alkalife has opened up for me.

Frank H.

I have been a raw organic foodie / veg juicer and heaps of supplements for about 15 years. But every 7 years for the past 30 years I would start losing energy so I usually just take more supplements. Until 3 years ago in my late 50s it became like a chronic fatigue situation, e.g. waking up feeling like a dead weight and totally wasted in the evening and struggling to cope through the day at work. If I did any full on exercise like cycling I would feel lethargic and ill the next day. I think this was caused by some of the toxicity getting released into the bloodstream. Always feeling cranky and often annoyed at little things was the norm. 

After 3 years of spending a lot of money on occasional testing with doctors and naturopaths I found a naturopath that specialises with detoxing autistic, ADHD, aspergers children. After a hair analysis I was found to be extremely contaminated with mercury, cadmium, copper, arsenic, lead to the degree that the naturopath was amazed I was still alive. My digestive system was barely working as well. So I immediately got on his detox program and within a month began to feel better, but still very average compared to my past youthful high energy levels. But after detoxing for about a year, I was still feeling tired on awakening and tired in the evening and certainly not energetic throughout the day like I used to be. Also I needed two double shot cappuccinos in the morning to get me going and feel ok which would also make me feel very acidic  and give me reflux.

One day we bought some alkalife and began drinking it on the way home. Within an hour I felt a change for the better. More clear headed, less acidic, less reflux, a feeling of peace, more energetic. I awaken fairly normally now also and nowhere near as tired in the evening, but particularly a feeling of natural wellbeing and clarity that I have sought after for years on our “natural diet” but it eluded me. 

Only now do I realise how important and also what constitutes “living alkalised water” is to our cellular system for healthy toxin free cells. It all came as a bit of a shock, as I thought I had it all correct with our organic raw food / juice lifestyle and filtered rain water. In fact, I actually thought that I was a bit of a health guru as I was doing most of the food / supplement thing OK, but I completely missed the most basic truth - WATER!!! 

In all this past long journey of discovery, the biggest, fastest change has come about through alkalife water. From the time I started drinking it I felt the change. Also I can still enjoy a coffee or occasional glass of wine and the alkaline water balances the pH levels again and no reflux or stomach pains. My partner has had similar minor problems. Now she is sleeping and feeling better and has a more general feeling of well being.


I saw an advertisement for alkalife water in an arthritis magazine and because I had suffered with gout, arthritis and lower back pain for three years, I was intrigued. For an hour I asked questions and finally decided to purchase some alkalife water and see for myself.

I was taking gout tablets, anti-inflammatory tablets, Panadol and using various arthritis creams. Pain and lack of mobility plagued me and I had to have a pillow in my bed to put my feet on, just to get some sleep.

I started drinking alkalife water, full of hope, but not believing it would do anything for me. I drank 3-4 glasses per day and three days later I was in full flight, didn't stop walking. It is now one month later, pain free and with the help of my doctor off medication.

Life has certainly begun again, I didn't think it would.

Barbara Brown

After only 2 weeks I noticed that my asthma was considerably better. I was taking my medication twice a day and now I very rarely need it.

I also get bad urinary tract infections before every period and I didn’t get any while drinking alkalife.

Also at the time I started drinking alkalife I was 6 months pregnant and was getting unbearable heartburn this stopped altogether.

After the birth of my son the midwife told me that I would feel painful stinging while urinating, there was very little pain. I believe it was because I was no longer acidic and I owe it all to this wonderful water. 

Verity J.

Thank you for your promotional support of alkalife water. It has been received well by our customers and they are grateful for showing them the difference between acid and alkaline water. Every day people are converting to alkalife water. 

Since putting alkalife water into my store, customers have reported back with great results and I am now selling the 1.5 litres by the box load.

I am finding that people with aches and pains in their joints are finding relief, kids who don’t like drinking water are easily drinking alkalife water, the elderly who find tap water too hard to drink are also finding alkalife water easy to digest.

Those who suffer reflux find it helps to keep their stomach acid low. I also have a customer whose chiropractor/kinesologist is recommending her to drink alkaline water. 

Once again thank you for helping me promote and educate my customers to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Natalie Smith
Go Vita Revesby 

Thank you "HEAPS"! After putting up with a bad stomach which turned into an ulcer and then going to a doctor and having a camera down my throat I got nowhere.

A friend told me about the benefits of alkaline water. Makes sense as the body is made of mostly fluid. He says "Your car won't run on the wrong fuel!"

Results were great the first week. Even helped out with performance at work with more energy. If you have health problems, take control of it. IT WORKS.

Appin NSW

alkalife is the best water on the market! Almost all other bottled waters are acid forming, and work against the maintenance of the body's natural pH.

The high alkaline content of this water will balance and neutralise your levels of acid, eliminating acid indigestion, reflux and heartburn, which occur in a state of severe acidosis, the precursor to cancer.

Maintaining the regular, natural pH level of your body is the first step to inner health and longevity. 

Susan Lawrence 

My family and I have been happily drinking your alkalife water now for over a month and I’m loving it and now won't drink anything else! 

I drink a fair bit of water each day anyway but had become very unhappy with the taste of some of the more popular brands and had found I was drinking less and less which disturbed me as I know how important it is to my health. So I searched online for any alternatives and I found your product.

After I received the first delivery I got a kinesiologist to muscle test whether it was any better for me than the other brands I had at work, and was actually surprised when my body tested positive to your brand and negative to all the others we muscle tested. 

I also learned the kinesiologist changed to your brand of water after that session and has told me he has noticed his indigestion that he had for 2-3 weeks had stopped within a day or two of drinking your water. Can’t thank you enough for making this product available to keep us hydrated and healthy all at the same time. 

Sue McCrory-Thomson
Essential Choice Massage & Holistic Therapies

I am generally a fit person, but suffer from a hiatus hernia. Started as a bad case of reflux, because of the wrong diagnosis the condition became worse year by year and now on medication.

I tried alkalife and within fifteen minutes the discomfort eased off, I only had 250mls from the bottle. In the three weeks since coming across alkalife I have forgotten to take my medication on many occasions. Well if there is no discomfort I forget to take the medication. I advised my doctor of the reduction of the medication and he was pleased with the results. Thanks alkalife for the relief in a bottle.

Charlie Coleiro

I observed that my blood pressure which had been borderline high went from 172/88 to 130/80. I do take medication but my blood pressure was still high on the medication. I believe since drinking your alkalife water it has significantly lowered my blood pressure. I also suffer from migraines. I have noticed since drinking your water that my migraines occur less often.

Jeff P

As a father of four children and general practitioner with 20 years experience and interest in anti-ageing/preventative health I have personally seen the health benefits of alkalinisation of diet on myself, my family and my many patients.

alkalife supports an alkaline diet and the fact that it is sourced naturally here in Australia and tastes delicious are three reasons why it deserves to be the leading "healthy water" product in the world.  

Dr Jeremy Cumpston
Ageless Clinics

It was suggested by a psoriasis and eczema specialist naturopath to try alkaline water and to also avoid acid foods.

Over the next few weeks with having only one glass of water per day, my children 9 and 7 there was a noticeable difference! My attitude and manner was "calm". The only difference in our diet was the alkalife water!

I am a firm believer that you are what you eat and now also what water you drink! My daughter and I suffer from eczema and I believe that alkalife water was the tip of the iceberg that we were missing! Not only is our skin better, our family life and relationships are much better i.e. patient and calm. I now look for the water and so do my children!

Thank you alkalife for showing me a new life!! The house is much calmer.

Cathy G.
Blair Athol NSW

I want to tell you about how miserable I once was and now I have my life back. I gave up trying to get help from everyone else and decided I would just be sick to my stomach for the rest of my life. It seemed that I was constantly sick.

I finally came across alkalife water at Minto Fruit Market and after drinking it for only a few days, I told my husband that I felt better, but didn't think it could help so quickly. I thought I was just imagining it. But the truth is I did feel better and I've been better for over two months now.

Thank you so much alkalife water. I've even told my friends about it and gave them some of your brochures.

I am living proof that alkalife water performed way beyond my expectations and made my highest hopes really come true. Thank you!!!

Kristina P.

One of the best things that's happened in my life is being introduced to alkalife water. Since I started on the water just 3 years ago I have never felt better. Some of my friends are now enjoying the benefits as well like Jonnie Russell singer/songwriter.

Sam Percasky

I have been suffering with eczema since childhood. The only relief I could get was steroidal and every time I "stepped down" from them it would return with vengeance. I tried everything I could to get rid of it, including reiki, counselling, colonic irrigation and Chinese herbs, until at last I came across the acid/alkaline theory and thought I'd try an alkaline water. 

After one month, I found a little improvement, but after two months, I found great relief from it and shortly after began to 'step down' from the steroids which I have never needed to take again.

That was about six months ago and now I can honestly say "Eczema? What eczema?". As an added boost, my fingernails are the strongest they've been since my 20s. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful. 

Monique Peters

Having suffered from duodenal ulcers once, I realised the need to drink good quality drinking water regularly. No sooner had the symptoms reappeared I began drinking lots and lots of newfound alkalife water.

Where some foods were quite reactive I was spared the night time agony, my premenopausal symptoms lessened to an extent as I did not need take any medications whatsoever, I've also stopped taking multivitamins and am finding my cravings for food aren't as pronounced, my skin isn't as dry as it was a year ago due to life cycle changes, all in all I feel more energy even though I am still eating and doing almost the same as before.

A full blood test confirmed my feeling of wellness. This is no coincidence, alkalife water is refreshingly unique and many who are offered this drink at my home find themselves drawn to its taste - pure unadulterated naturally energised water! Cheers alkalife.

A M Jacob

Thank you for introducing alkalife water to me. In three weeks after drinking between 2 and 3 litres of water a day I have lost 5 to 6 kilos and my body feels much better.

Pat Corbone

Meet Jeremy

As a father of four children and general practitioner with 20 years experience and interest in anti-ageing/preventative health I have personally seen the health benefits of alkalinisation of diet on myself, my family and my many patients.

alkalife supports an alkaline diet and the fact that it is sourced naturally here in Australia and tastes delicious are three reasons why it deserves to be the leading "healthy water" product in the world.  

Dr Jeremy Cumpston
Ageless Clinics